Casedo can deal with casefiles that run into thousands of pages. There is no hard limit to what Casedo can handle in terms of number of pages or file size, it is dependant on both the contents of the casefile and the power of the computer Casedo is installed on.

However, sometimes Casedo might struggle to export large casefiles, or it could be that the size of the single exported bundle you are working with is above the requirements of the court or other system you need to submit it to. In that case you may need or want to split your bundle into several parts. How do you do this and keep all the page numbering intact?

In this article we show you how to split a casefile into two parts, this can be replicated for any number of parts. Because Casedo only exports from the Index and not from the Desk Space, you don’t need to create a new casefile to achieve this, instead you just need to drag documents that will not be exported in any given split into the Desk Space.

Follow these steps:

  1. Create the WHOLE bundle, build in the TOC and update the TOC to make it accurate of the WHOLE bundle.
  2. Create a back up!
  3. Assuming you are going to split the bundle into two parts, decide where you are going to split the bundle.
  4. Make a note of the page number of the first page of the second half of the bundle.
  5. Drag the second half of the bundle to the Desk Space.
  6. You now have only the first half of the bundle in the Index, export it to PDF. Save it as CASENAME-Part1.
  7. When complete, drag ALL of the contents of the Index into the Desk Space and all of the second half of the bundle that is in the Desk Space into the Index.
  8. Go to Edit > Set Pagination Start Page, and set the page number to what you noted in 4) above
  9. Export Part 2. Save it as CASENAME-Part2.
  10. Open both PDFs and check the page numbering works (what you CAN’T do is make the TOC hyperlinks in Part1 open to the right place in Part2).

LAST UPDATED 2023.11.24