Bundle page numbering often does not take into account the TOC (Table of Contents) and instead paginates from the first page following the TOC.


If you need to include the TOC in the pagination of the bundle, or indeed for any other reason, you can choose the page number you want your page numbering to start at.


To do this simply:

1. Open the ‘Edit’ menu in your Toolbar.

bundle page numbering


2. Select “Set Pagination Start Page”.

bundle page numbering


3. Type in the page number you need your document to start from.

bundle page numbering


For example as above, the bundle page numbering now starts from page 3. This is to reflect the unaccounted for pages of the TOC in the bundle.


TIP: This feature can also be used when a bundle is too big to export (for example if you are trying to export a 10,000 page bundle that is too big for Casedo.

  1. Break the bundle up into sections that are around a maximum of 2,000 pages each
  2. Paginate the first section as normal
  3. For subsequent sections, use the feature above to paginate such that the pages remain sequential.
  4. Once you have all your sections, ‘stitch’ the who bundle together using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC or a similar tool.

If you have a TOC at the beginning of the bundle. Refresh the TOC before you break up the bundle and then DON’T REFRESH IT AGAIN – that should keep the numbering correct.