1. Go to the license page

Your mooting society will have given you a link, and Discount Code, make sure you have both of them before you start! The link you are given will look something like https://casedo.link/mootlicense and when you open the link in your browser, it will go to a link that looks something like https://casedo.gumroad.com/l/casedo-Gc5KD3LQe.

2. Read the instructions carefully & then click Subscribe

If you don't read the instructions, you won't know what to do. There are several fields you can fill in, you don't want to accidentally pay for a license that is free for mooters!

A screenshot of the casedo student loan application showing failure to import notifications.

3. Enter the Discount Code & then click Apply

Your mooting society will have supplied you with a Discount Code, copy and paste it into the field on the left and click Apply.

A screen shot of the checkout page showing failure to import notifications.

4. Fill in your personal details

Please follow the instructions carefully. In the Email Address field enter 'support@casedo.com' and in the Participant Email Address field, enter YOUR email address.

A screenshot of the checkout page on a wordpress website with Failure to import notifications.

5. Here’s an example of a completed Checkout page

The completed checkout page should look something like this. Just remember to get the correct email address in the correct field! When you are satisfied, click Get.

A screenshot of the checkout page displaying failure notifications.

6. Your ‘purchase’ was a success!

Good work, you've done it! DON'T sign up here, the best thing to do is to just close the tab on your browser. This item might not look like this, you might even get taken straight to the page https://casedo.link/start, just close it!

A screenshot of a mobile phone with a sign in screen displaying failure to import notifications.

7. Download and install Casedo

Your license email will take several minutes to come through, in the meantime, head to https://casedo.link/start to download and install Casedo. By the time you’ve done that, your email should have arrived and you’ll be able to open Casedo and get started with your first moot bundle.