Financial Disputes and Civil Litigation

Nicholas Barnes explores how Casedo helped him manage his practice as Financial Disputes and Civil Litigation Barrister.
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‌I went paperless in 2007 when ScanSnap arrived with an Acrobat Pro licence. I would scan in my paper brief and just use my scan. This saved my back from lugging trolley bags around. I got used to Acrobat but it is a monster of a programme, inefficient and resources hungry. I still use it, but for useable bundles, case files, trial prep and easy use, it was inflexible. It was having a tank when you needed a jeep.


‌Acrobat is now relegated to page labels (if needed) and OCR. The rest is Casedo.

For a start, it does not matter how I get my papers. Paper is now rare, but there is the occasional use. I get bundles, supplemental bundles, documents not in the bundles, updating material, skeleton arguments, correspondence, etc. All of these can be added to Casedo and arranged as I wish them to be. I know where they are. It does not matter how they come to me. Some are well organised. Some are an utter mess. With Casedo, I can organise them with ease.

I rely on bookmarks and highlighting. The colours enable me to have highlighting for examination-in-chief and re-examination, cross-examination notes and general notes. Bookmarks enable me to have themes or areas for examination. Notes are invaluable for additional material, context and instructions or information as the case progresses. I have all I need for preparing a skeleton, opening, evidence, and closing. The exposure of these in the table of contents is a very useful way to have an overview and quick resource, especially for those random judicial questions. Similarly, if it is an advice or draft statement of case, I have all I need to be collated for drafting.

At the end of each case or brief, I can export an archive PDF file that I keep for six years. It is fully referenced with a thorough index of not just the documents but the notes and bookmarks. The index is replicated in a table of contents. I can find anything at any time.

Nicholas Barnes is a barrister at 2KBW with expertise in family financial disputes and a broad practice in civil litigation. Nicholas is the Head of the Civil and Family Teams.


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