What we’ve built

Casedo’s intuitive workspace handles multiple documents with ease. Our interface is simpler, faster and more accurate. Continue to work how you want with your favourite tools, in a single space.

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What we value

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Casedo was created to solve a problem that we had, because we realised, with surprise, that no one else had a solution. We believe there are easier ways to get things done. We value simplicity and trust. We want the least complicated route, but with highest integrity. We believe that the sustainable paperless office can be achieved. We believe that if the solution you need isn’t out there, you should create it.

We’re smart, driven and curious. We come from a diversity of professional backgrounds, with the singular intention of creating software that will make our lives easier, and yours too.

Our Story

Ross Birkbeck, Casedo’s inventor, talks about how and why Casedo came about in this 90 second Casedo Founder Video.

As a video editor, Ross was used to digital tools that helped him make sense of multiple audio and visual files. When he began his law studies, he assumed legal practitioners would have similar tools. Tools for making sense of all the documents surrounding a single matter. Instead teachers handed out around 10kg of books to study! So he decided to find the solution himself, but he couldn’t, because it didn’t exist, so he had to create the solution himself. That solution is Casedo, as he explains in this Casedo Founder Video.

Casedo is designed to help you make sense of your documents, emails and other papers. Ross created it to allow you to work as you work, not using some system designed by software engineers. Casedo’s drag and drop flexibility allows you easily add, order and reorder documents on an ongoing basis. Casedo allows you to read them in the order that makes sense to you. Cross-reference and cross-check, comparing witness statements to law, or research to the latest group theory.

Casedo is the non-linear reader that allows you to tease out the meaning in the documents in front of you. Because of Casedo’s design, you can pick up where you left off with a single click without having to open the same documents time and again. Instead, everything is as you left it, in a single workspace that saves time and cognitive energy. Stay focussed and get on with the work you are paid for. Don’t get stuck with the endless document admin that has been taking up so much of your time. And at the end of the process, when the case is complete? You have a ready-made archive which you can jump back into at any time in the future.

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