In Casedo you can create a table of contents for your Casefile. This feature is aimed to let you navigate through your files and folders by listing them with their commencing highlights, comments, bookmarks and page numbers.


You can do this in 5 simple steps:


1. Click on the table of contents button located in your Desk Space as shown.


2. Casedo will automatically generate a table of contents file in your Desk Space.



3. You can now place this at the top of your Index, and it will look something like this.



4. Rename the title of the table of contents by clicking on it



5. Refresh the table of contents by clicking the refresh button located on the right side.


When you click refresh, Casedo will automatically update the table of contents to match your most recent Casefile, meaning, if you changed the order of your Index, this will be reflected in the table of contents. You can also see the time and date in which you updated your table of contents written just below it.


N.B. If you decide to export your bundle into PDF and before exporting your bundle you created a table of contents (ToC), then the ToC items will be automatically hyperlinked in the exported PDF. You can then simply click on the ToC items and it will take you to the relevant page in the PDF.  

If you need to paginate the bundle to include the Table of Contents, you’ll need to choose the pagination start page yourself, here’s how you can do that.

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LAST UPDATED 2024.03.20