This article is incomplete.

The idea behind this feature is to allow the easy breaking up of a large monolithic PDF with tiered bookmarks.

Adobe Acrobat and other PDF Editors allow hierarchical (or tiered) bookmarks. On import into Casedo, pages in the PDF are converted to 1st tier bookmarks with no suffix to the bookmark; second tier bookmarks are converted to 2nd tier bookmarks with the suffix a double dash ‘–‘, 2nd tier convert to 3rd tier bookmarks with a quadruple dash ‘—-‘ and so on.

What Split by bookmarks does is it reverses this process:

  1. Casedo creates a folder named after the document being split.
  2. Inside the document the 1st tier bookmarks become new pages
  3. The second tier bookmarks lose their double dash suffix and become 1st tier bookmarks
  4. Third and other tier bookmarks are likewise promoted

Currently you will need to repeat the process as needed to further break down a large PDF bundle

Graphic of the Casedo UI showing the Split Documents by Bookmark feature
A screenshot of a screen with the word'split documents by spreadsheets'.
A screen shot of the michael brown petition stage.