Split Document by Bookmarks

Many of our users are delivered on occasion pre-prepared ebundles and meeting packs that they need to break up for a variety of reasons. It could be because they need to add late submissions or because they need to reorganise papers such that they can do analysis and mark-up better. With a single click this feature completes in several minutes what might take several hours manually.

Graphic of the Casedo UI showing the Split Documents by Bookmark feature

When selected, you will receive the following warning dialog (though the action can’t be undone, you can always delete the split document and import it again):

A screenshot of a screen with the word'split documents by spreadsheets'.

Once the above is chosen, Casedo will create a new folder with the same name as the document, and then look for existing bookmarks.

  1. The first top tier bookmark on any page will become a new document (other top tier bookmarks on that page will remain the same)
  2. Second tier bookmarks will be promoted to top tier, third tier bookmarks to second tier and so on.

Before and after comparison of the Split Document by Bookmarks feature

If you want to see how this is feature works, take a look at one of the two videos below. The one on the right is an extended version that shows how to take the resulting collection of documents and reorganise them into a better whole, adding pagination and a table of contents.