How long have you got?

Less than a minute

If you're really pushed for time, we've got you covered. These three videos are all less than 45 seconds and give you specific insights into Casedo.

Not even five minutes

Plenty of time! Learn how to bring together, organise & publish a family court bundle in just over four minutes. Or, how to use Casedo for organising, backing up & archiving.

More than five minutes

We're asking a lot, but if you can find around seven minutes, we can show you how to used Casedo's complex search function and some advanced e-bundling tips.

Around ten minutes

Got time for a hot drink and a more detailed look at Casedo? We've got a couple of videos that take a more detailed look at how Casedo can be used to transform your work.

Learn what Casedo can do in less than 45 seconds

Organise your documents

Casedo is a single space for bringing together and making sense of multiple documents. The result is a file of documents that can be opened with a single click to access information quickly and simply.

The video shows you how to

  • use drag n’ drop to organise your documents
  • structure your casefile of imported documents using folders, bookmarks and highlights
  • continue to bring in more documents and reorganise your casefile as your case progresses

Mark up your documents

With Casedo, you can record the thoughts you have about your documents and the connections you make between them. The result is a collection of documents that have been shaped by your thinking.

The video shows you how to use

  • bookmarks to break up documents into sections
  • highlights for marking up important text
  • comments for recording your thoughts as you analyse your documents
  • links for two way cross referencing of different parts of your casefile

Search & Navigate your documents

There are different ways to find the information you are looking for, both through searching and best practice structuring of documents in your Casedo Casefile.

The video shows you how to use

  • search to find specific text in your documents
  • bookmarks to jump to the relevant parts of documents using the index
  • links to insert two-way navigate between cross references in your documents

Casedo in five minutes

E-bundling in 5 Easy Steps

Watch Ross create a full Family Court bundle in just 4 minutes.

Case Organisation

Ross shows how he uses Casedo for organising, backing up and archiving his cases.

Ebundles - complex pagination, cover pages & bookmarks

OK, so this video is ten seconds over five minutes... watch Jim add some complexity to an ebundle.

Ebundles - split, merge, rotate and adding subfolders

Jim goes further still with more ebundling features in Casedo to make your bundle really stand out.

More advanced skills in less than eight minutes

Search with Casedo

There is a lot more to Casedo Search than meets the eye.

Advanced E-bundling

Ross explores some of Casedo’s advanced e-bunding features.

More detailed explorations of Casedo

The Basics

Ross shows how you can make Casedo work for you.

Pagination & Bundling

Ross showcases Casedo’s powerful bundling and pagination capabilities.

Read and Mark up your documents

In this longer video, Jim showcases how to make sense of your documents.

Split document by bookmarks (long version)

No more breaking up large monolithic PDFs manually with this new feature.

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