Graphic illustrating Casedo Annotation 101 Guide

Annotation 101 Guide

Annotate efficiently as if you were working with a single document with comments, bookmarks, highlights, tags and two-way links.

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Graphic illustrating Casedo Court Bundle 101 Guide

Bundles 101 Guide

We show you how to create (court-compliant) e-bundles in six easy steps. With Casedo it's as cinch to add late additions to any bundle.

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Graphic illustrating Casedo Moot Bundle 101 Guide

Moot Bundles 101 Guide

Using Casedo for a moot competition? This guide shows you how to create a moot bundle you can both share and argue from in six easy-to-follow steps.

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Graphic illustrating Casedo Pagination 101 Guide

Pagination 101 Guide

If you want to just add page numbers to your bundle in Casedo, just switch the pagination toggle. But if you want to make use of Casedo's complex pagination features, this guide will show you how.

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