If the ‘Print’ or ‘Export’ buttons are not working when exporting or printing your bundle, it might be for two reasons.


1. Firstly, it could be that you’ve sorted the documents in your Desk Space and not the Index.


The image below highlights the Desk Space section of your bundle.


Whereas in the image shown below, your Index is highlighted in red. As shown, the Index is located on top of your Desk Space.


The Desk space is essentially a holding space for your documents and is not counted as part of your bundle when exporting or printing your Casefile. Thus, if you’ve sorted your documents in your Desk Space, you will find that the ‘Print’ and ‘Export’ buttons are not working.


To resolve this, drag all of your documents from your Desk Space into your Index. You can also use the multi-select function in Casedo to easily drag them into the Index in one go. Click HERE to know more about our Multi-Select function.


2. Secondly, it could be due to a problem in one or more of the PDFs imported into Casedo. Click HERE for more information on this issue.

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