Advanced Table of Contents

The single click Table of contents feature was implemented in Casedo v1.3 (for instructions on how to add a Table of Contents to your Casedo Index see this support article). Casedo supports the ability to show a variety of annotations in a Table of Contents.


In Casedo v1.4, the Table of Contents links are automatically added to the list items and you can now very simply add your casefile annotations to the Table of Contents, making it very easy to navigate to the areas of the document you need.

enhanced TOC 1

Adding annotations to the Table of Contents

When you first create a Table of Contents, you will notice that, when compared to previous versions of Casedo, there are now three small dots on the top right of the Table of Contents. Clicking this will reveal the new custom options. You will also notice that each entry in the Table of Contents has now been linked to its entry in the bundle. Simply double click the link and it will take you to the relevant place in the bundle.

Enhanced TOC 2

Clicking on the three dots reveals the four options which can be selected in any combination. From the top they are

  • show bookmarks
  • show comments
  • show highlights
  • show subfolders
enhanced toc 3

Clicking on the bookmark icon will show all bookmarks in the Table of Contents.

enhanced toc 4

Clicking on the comments icon will show all comments in the Table of Contents.

enhanced toc 5

Clicking on the highlights icon will show all highlights in the Table of Contents. Highlights created in previous versions of Casedo, will not work (See BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY in the grey box towards the end of this article for details).

enhanced toc 6

Clicking on the subfolder icon will show all subfolders in the Table of Contents.

enhanced toc 7

It is possible to select more than one of the options.

N.B. If before exporting your bundle you created a table of contents (ToC), then the ToC items will be automatically hyperlinked in the exported pdf. You can then simply click on the ToC items and it will take you to the relevant page in the pdf.  

BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY – there are two issues to note when using the Table of Contents feature in Casefiles made in earlier versions of Casedo.



1. If a Table of Contents is generated in v1.4 in a Casefile whose highlighting was created in a version preceding v1.4, the Table of Contents will not show the highlights correctly, they will have to but deselected and highlighted again. This is due to a new way that Casedo handles highlights in order to make the feature work.


2. Any Table of Contents created in v1.3 will have to be deleted and remade in v1.4 in order for the new features to work.

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