In Casedo you can navigate through your highlighted texts, bookmarks, and comments using a Table of Contents.


This can be done in 4 simple steps:


1. Annotate your Casefile with bookmarks, comments and highlights. Organise your Casefile using folders.


2. Create a Table of Contents using the button on the Desk Space and drag the Table of Contents to the top of your Index (or elsewhere if desired).



The links to your texts will be automatically generated and it should look something like this. Notice the three vertical dots (annotation drop down menu) in the top right and the links that are automatically generated alongside each entry.


enhanced TOC 1



3. Add annotations to the Table of Contents, by selecting the annotation drop down menu and selecting which annotations you want to see.


Enhanced TOC 2


This filter includes the option to only see your bookmarks, comments, highlights, and/or your folders.  Through this filter, you can decide to pick one filter or as many as you want. Meaning you can choose to see your bookmarks and highlights but exclude comments and folders from your filter.



You can include or exclude by simply pressing on the same option. If the option is highlighted in orange then that will mean you filtered to show that option.


For example, you might chose to view both bookmarks and highlights:


enhanced toc 7

4. Navigate the bundle. Either double-click on the links generated in your table of contents or better still drag and drop the link in your second viewer.


This will automatically direct you to the page where you highlighted, bookmarked or commented. Using this latter technique will allow you to keep your table of contents in view at all times.

N.B. If you decide to export your bundle into a pdf and before exporting your bundle you created a table of contents (ToC), then the ToC items will be automatically hyperlinked in the exported pdf. You can then simply click on the ToC items and it will take you to the relevant page in the pdf.  

LAST UPDATED 2024.03.20