Optical Character Recognition also known as OCR, is a tool whereby the software recognises the underlying text in a picture or a document. it is essentially the process of turning a picture of text into text itself—in other words, producing something like a TXT or DOC file from a scanned JPG of a printed or handwritten page. If a document is not properly OCR’d  or not OCR’d at all, you will experience problems with copy-pasting, or highlighting the text in Casedo, or you won’t be able to do these at all.

This is why sometimes when you try to copy and paste from your casefile you might see gibberish text, or unwanted spacing between your texts. You might also experience this problem when using the ‘Table of Contents’ feature in Casedo.

When a document is not OCR’d or poorly OCR’d then when you highlight texts, Casedo will highlight the underlying text whether it makes sense or not, this is due to the software not recognising the image on screen as readable text. Thus, you may see random symbols highlighted in the table of contents.

Casedo has an internal OCR feature whereby you can recognise the underlying text in your documents without having to externally do it in other software such as Adobe. However, you may also choose to externally OCR documents before importing them into Casedo. Through properly OCRing your documents, Casedo will now read the underlying text as you see it.

If you experience any problems with the texts in your table of contents such as random symbols instead of the highlighted texts you are expecting, or any other text related problems, simply use the Casedo OCR feature. This may fix your problem. If the document is scanned badly you may still experience unintelligible texts.

You can do this with the following steps:

1. Locate the file that has the unreadable text from the table of contents.

2. Right click on the document and you will see the options as shown below

3. Then simply click on recognise text, and the system will automatically OCR the document and recognise the underlying text.

3. Now simply refresh your table of contents, and your problem should be fixed.

For more on the OCR feature go to the support page, or simply click HERE.

As stated above, you can also choose to externally OCR your documents before importing them into Casedo.

N.B. The “Recognise Text” option (OCR) is only available when right-clicking on Documents, not on bookmarks or folders. 

If you need further help with this, don’t hesitate to email us at support@casedo.com or call us on +44 203 637 9270

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