In Casedo, you can easily delete individual pages, single documents or multiple documents.

Please remember that there is no Undo function in Casedo, all deletions are permanent. There is, however, an Undo Move function in Casedo.

WARNING – There is an existing bug in Casedo v1.8.0 related to using this feature (deleting single documents). Occasionally when deleting a single page in this way, highlights above the deleted page move down causing the highlights to be in the wrong place. If you use this feature we highly recommend making a back up copy of the Casefile first. If you want to delete a single page, the alternative is to use the Split and Merge features. You should always have back ups in place! This issue has been fixed in later releases of Casedo, you can find links to download them in the Release Notes.

Deleting single pages

To delete individual pages within a document, do so by using the delete function located on the selected page.

1. Locate and click on the three dots located on the top right of the page you want to delete.

2. Click on the red trash bin icon.

3. You will then get a confirmatory pop-up, after pressing yes, your page will be permanently deleted.

Deleting a single document

If you wish to delete a specific document in your Index or the Desk Space, apart from the trash bin feature located on the Desk Space (click HERE for more on this), you can also delete them using the right click (context menu) option.

1. Locate the document you want to delete in either your Index or the Desk Space, and right click on the document name.

2. Click on the ‘Delete Document’ option.

3. You will then get a confirmatory popup to double check whether you want that document deleted, after pressing yes, it will be permanently deleted.

Deleting multiple documents

If you need to delete more than one document, use the multi-select function.

1. Click once on a document till you see a grey shade over it, was shown below.

2. Hold the Command (Mac) or Ctrl (PC) key and click on all of the other documents you want to delete.

3. After having selected multiple document, let go of the ‘Command’ button.

4. Right click on the shaded area and you will see a ‘Delete documents’ option

5. Click on ‘Delete documents’ and you will get a confirmatory pop-up, after having pressed ‘Yes’, you will permanently delete those documents.

LAST UPDATED 2023.10.31