Casedo currently has a bug related to the deleting single documents feature. Occasionally when deleting a single page in this way, highlights above the deleted page move down, causing the highlights to be in the wrong order.


If you use that feature, we highly recommend making a backup copy of the Casefile first. If you want to delete a single page, the alternative is to use the Split and Merge features.

Here’s how you can use the split and merge features as a workaround to using deleting a single page feature.


Firstly, split your document.

1. Locate the page or pages you need to delete.

2. Find and click on the split button positioned on your page’s top right-hand side.


This will split the document at the place selected, and the split document will pop up in the Index as a separate file.


3. You will then be given the option to name the separated document. We suggest you name it ‘Delete’. In that way, you will know which document to delete and not get confused.

4. If you want to delete only one page, go to the split button located right underneath the page you split and split that page from the document. This will create a new document. However, if you wish to delete multiple pages, scroll down to the last page you want to delete and split the page underneath that last page.

5. You will now see that you’ve made a total of three documents. This helps you separate the unwanted pages from the document. You are essentially putting them into a separate document.

6. Now, delete the document which has the pages you wish to delete.


You will then need to merge back your documents.

1. After having deleted one of the three documents created. You will want to merge back the remaining two to make them into a single document.

2. To do this, locate the merge button on the right-hand side of both documents. It looks just like the one in the image shown below:


3. And voila! Your documents are now merged and the page you wanted to delete has been deleted.

LAST UPDATED 2023.10.31