When you open Casedo you will often see the Recent Cases list, a handy help for you to open the Casedo casefiles that you have most recently been working on. However, sometimes Casedo cannot find the casefile and you are confronted with an error.

A screenshot showing an error message on a computer screen where folders aren't appearing in the Table of Contents.

Whilst you can create new casefiles from within Casedo and can save an existing casefile under a new name, Casedo is unable to move an existing casefile or change its name, this has to have been done externally to Casedo itself.

In other words, the casefile has been renamed, moved or deleted by another process since Casedo last tried to open the file.

It could be that the file has been inadvertently moved or renamed by a team member or another process, this could well be the case if the Casedo casefile has been stored on a shared drive.


When Casedo is opened next time, the missing casefile will appear in red:

A screen shot of a screen showing the status of a case where folders aren't appearing in the Table of Contents.