PLEASE NOTE (19/07/23): We are currently in the process of moving between payment providers. If you are a Casedo subscriber, you’ll be paying for Casedo in one of three ways:

1. Through Gumroad

2. Through Chargebee

3. Directly invoiced with Casedo

If you are a Chargebee subscriber, read below for instructions, and look for related Chargebee articles in our Knowledge Base. If you are a Gumroad subscriber, look for Knowledge Base articles relating to Gumroad. If you are directly invoiced via Casedo, email with questions.


Your subscription may be cancelled automatically by Chargebee, or manually by yourself. Read below for more information on both types of cancellation.


Your subscription may get automatically cancelled for the following reasons:

  • No payment
  • Invalid card details
  • Fraud Review failed
  • Non-compliant customer
  • Incompatible currency


You can also manage your subscription by cancelling, pausing, and reactivating it. To do this, please refer to the relevant links below:

Cancelling subscriptions:

How to cancel your subscription

Will I get notified of a manually cancelled subscription?

What happens when I schedule a cancellation?


Pausing subscriptions:

How to pause your subscription

How to extend the pause period for your subscription 

How long can I pause my subscription for?


Reactivating subscriptions:

How to reactivate a cancelled subscription

How to reactivate a subscription with original term dates

How to use a coupon to reactivate a subscription 


N.B. As we take privacy and confidentiality very seriously, we do NOT hold your subscription details, it is stored and controlled by Chargebee. You can find out more about their privacy policy HERE.