Searching within a specific document

When you enter a search term in Casedo, and click the down arrow, the window jumps to the first result in the whole bundle. However often you don’t want to have to cycle through every result to get to the one you want in a specific document.


To search inside a specific document:

  1. Navigate the green (say) window to the top of the document you want to search.
  2. Enter a search term.
  3. Press Enter (i.e. don’t click ‘next).


That will take you to the next search result in the green window.


If you press enter again, it will go to the next entry, and repeated presses will jump through the results.


It uses the ‘last used’ window – so if you want to bring up the search result in the purple window instead just click in and scroll that window a tiny bit before proceeding.



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