With Casedo, you can save an annotated casefile as a clean case. Often in law a case has to be shared with the other side or with the court. When a casefile is shared in this way, the organisational structure of the casefile (folders, bookmarks, pagination etc.) needs to be shared, but the annotations should not be shared. Casedo can do this in a single click.

Rather than individually removing annotations (comments, highlights and two-way links), you can do this in Casedo easily by saving a casefile as a clean case.

You can do this in 3 simple steps:

1. Open the File menu on the toolbar

2. Press on the “Save Clean Case As” in the File menu.

3. Then simply rename your casefile and press save


The new casefile (which by default will be labelled TITLE-clean) will open. It will be an exact replica of the original casefile but without highlights, comments and two-way links. The clean casefile can be exported as needed.


N.B. It is important to note that when saving an annotated casefile with a table of contents into a clean casefile, the table of contents must be ‘regenerated’ in order to update it. Press the ‘regenerate’ button located at the top of the table of contents page or by right-clicking on the table of contents document in your Index. 

LAST UPDATED 2024.06.03