Rich Text Format documents are not rendered in a consistent fashion, so we have added in this dialog box as a word of warning.

A screenshot of the ftp document import screen showing that folders aren't appearing in the Table of Contents.

According to our developer Rich Text Format documents “are written in an interesting way in that the parser has to read the file as actions to take and store those in memory. Also, the library we are using seems to be the most feature-rich but still missing certain styling”. We’re not completely sure what that means either. When we suggested ‘inconsistently rendered’ the developer agreed that the was “the short answer”.

Casedo imports documents and turns them into PDFs using its offline toolset. In other words it does the best it can with the tools it has available. Because RTFs are not created consistently the bottom line is that they won’t necessarily import to look as they were before import, though they will contain the same information.

RTF import example

Here's a screenshot, on the left, of the first page of an RTF document before import into Casedo, and, on the right, how it looked in Casedo. You can see that the image on the right has brought together three pages of the text from the document on the left.

Image of an RTF document
Image of a document imported into Casedo

We tried this using various word processors and the results were quite different each time. If you need consistency in formatting, we suggest you open the document in your preferred word processor and save the document to PDF before importing into Casedo.