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Digital Detox

Casedo is a tech company, and so more than most we can suffer from 'overtech' and find that we spend most of our time on screens, gadgets and other 'labour-saving'...

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BAME at the Bar

Black Lives Matter in 2020 highlighted the disparity in our society and the legal profession is not exempt. An old boys club underpinned by uneven playing fields; the legal sector...

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Recent Changes in the Law

The legal sector has evolved rapidly in recent years. Gizem Akilli writes that there have been particularly significant developments in areas of employment law, GDPR and the legal tech landscape....

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5 Best Tools for Law Students

Most law students struggle most with digesting a large amount of information in such little time as well as managing their times effectively. Technology in the last few years...

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Graduating in law during COVID-19

Gizem Akilli is graduating this year. Heading into the penultimate semester of her hard-fought law degree, the pandemic struck. She takes a brief look at how the virus has affected...

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PDFs – How many types are there?

Eight apparently, or is it three? PDFs are ubiquitous these days, and yet, like the internet, they haven't been around for long. The PDF first appeared in 1993 and for...

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