Download Casedo v1.10

Get to your analysis quicker with the new Casedo. With the Split Document by Bookmarks feature you can break up pre-prepared PDF bundles with a single click. You can now also directly import image files and text documents. And there’s more.
See the Release Announcement for details.
Download Casedo 1.10 today for Mac and Windows.

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With Casedo you can

  • NEW Split document by bookmarks with a single click
  • NEW Import image files (.png and .jpg)
  • NEW Import text files (.txt and .rtf)
  • NEW Access features through the new View menu
  • Export individual folders and documents
  • Lock casefiles from other users to stop sync errors
  • Get notified of import failures
  • Undo last move when moving documents
  • Import Word Documents (.doc & .docx)
  • Import PDFs with bookmarks intact (or choose not to)
  • Import email messages with attachments (.eml & .msg)
  • Import Casedo casefiles into each other
  • Work with all relevant documents in a single space
  • Add a split screen view to make comparison a cinch
  • Work securely on your local computer, or
  • Work in the cloud with Dropbox, OneDrive or GSuite
  • Scroll multiple documents as if they were one
  • Reorder documents at will with drag and drop
  • Add annotations to Tables of Contents
  • Include bookmarks & ToCs in exported bundles
  • Navigate exported bundles using in-built hyperlinks
  • Rename bookmarks, documents and folders with ease
  • Organise documents into folders and subfolders
  • Navigate documents using bookmarks
  • Navigate documents using two-way links
  • Annotate documents with comments
  • Pick out important text using multicoloured highlights
  • Add coloured tags to folders, bookmarks and documents
  • Use offline OCR to make documents searchable
  • Navigate seamlessly through '000s pages using search
  • Go to the page you need in an instant
  • Rotate documents or single pages with a single click
  • Split documents into more manageable sections
  • Merge documents to create a more seamless experience
  • Paginate to exclude or insert both folders & documents
  • Create Tables of Contents (ToC) with a single click
  • Create clean Casedo casefile versions
  • Export to a paginated bundle

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