Casedo Annotation 101Casedo Annotation 101



Casedo makes adding annotations to you e-bundle simple. In this article we will take you through the most important annotation features available in Casedo. Our features include highlighting, commenting, colour tagging, bookmarking and creating links between your documents.






Table of contents

1. Highlighting

2. Colour tagging



5. Links






With Casedo, you can use 7 different colours to highlight text in your documents and isolate key areas that you can revisit easily.


Adding highlights


1. Select the text you want to highlight.

2. From the options select the colour you want to highlight.





Removing highlights


1. Clicking on the highlighted text you want to remove (you do not need to select the whole text).

2. Selecting the option on the far right of the pop up to remove the highlight.



N.B. Is it important to note that you without OCRing the PDF you won’t be able to highlight your text. This is because before your computer recognises a text as an ‘actual text’, meaning OCR’d, the software simply detects it as an image or vector objects. If you want to be able to highlight your text, then simply follow this LINK to know more about OCRing your PDF.




Colour tagging


With Casedo, you can categorise your work with our tagging function. This feature allows you to colour code and separate your files, documents and bookmarks that are located in your Index or your Desk Space with a variety of the colour options.



To do this simply


1. Right-click on any of the options located in your Index or your Deskspace, and you will see colour options.




2. Select whichever colour you want for that file, document or bookmark, and click on that colour.




3. To remove the selected colour, click on the x option shown below.



You can harness this feature and adapt it to your workflow. For instance, you can choose to colour code all of your document, which includes essential information to your case, in red colour, or you can even select the purple colour for all of the files that contain witness statements.






With Casedo you can write up your thoughts and have them appear right next to the most relevant area of your documents. This is certainly supplemented by the highlighting and bookmarking function and can assist you in navigating through large files, and visiting each and every important segment when needed.


Adding a comment box


1) Simply select a comment box from the bottom right-hand side of the screen and drag it anywhere onto the right side of the document (Must be dropped inside the document and not outside).




2) Insert your text inside and click anywhere outside the comment box.




3) You can then add/remove the text whenever you wish, just double click on the comment box itself and edit as necessary



Removing a comment box


1) Simply click on the comment box and select the delete option on the bottom left of the screen.



2) You will be asked to confirm if you wish to delete if you want to continue to delete then select yes and if you have changed your mind select no.








With Casedo you can add bookmarks throughout your documents, and label them as you see fit. With this, you can break down files and access the key areas with ease.


Adding a bookmark


To add a bookmark, simply click on the bookmark button located on the top left of your viewer screen and drag it anywhere in the document. (You must click and drag onto the document and not outside)




This will insert a bookmark in the specific segment of your document. Your bookmark will also appear in your Index just under the file it was created in. You can now label the bookmark and have easy access to essential areas.





  • If you want to rename the bookmark, simply double-click the bookmark you want to change and erase the previous label.
  • If you want to relocate the bookmark, simply click and drag the existing bookmark. If you want to relocate it to a completely new page you will have to delete the bookmark and create a new one on your desired page.



Removing bookmarks


You can either delete the bookmarks by clicking on the bookmark tab itself and tapping on the ‘Trash’ icon in your Desk Space. You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete the bookmark every time, simply select ‘Yes’ if you wish to delete, or ‘No’ if you have changed your mind.




Or you can also delete your bookmarks through your Index or Desk Space. To do this, locate and right-click on the bookmark you wish to delete in your Index or Desk space.






With Casedo, you can add links to your files to navigate your case in a time-efficient manner. Links create a cross-reference between two parts of your case.

To add links, drag the link icon located on the top right side of your screen onto the chosen place on your page. You will then see the other link appear underneath the link icon.





To complete the created link, drag the dotted link icon that appeared after you placed the first link, place it to another part of your bundle. This will allow you to navigate to either end of the link by simply double clicking on the link created.





When you have a second viewer open, you have the option to drag links between the viewers by simply dragging the link selected and placing it on the second viewer.




This short video shows you specifically how to delete both ends of links.



There are numerous other support articles about annotation to be found in our support area, go HERE and type ‘annotation’ in the search box, or simply CLICK HERE to see all the annotation-related articles we have.


If you need further help with this, don’t hesitate to email us at or call us on +44 203 637 9270

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