Adding and Removing Bookmarks in Casedo


With Casedo you can add bookmarks throughout your documents, and label them as you see fit. With this, you can break down files and access the key areas with ease.


To add a bookmark simply select the bookmark tab on the top left of the screen and drag it anywhere on the document to insert the bookmark. (You must click and drag onto the document and not outside)




This will instantly bookmark the specific segment of your document and pop up underneath the file. You can now label the bookmark and have easy access to important areas.





  • If you want to rename the bookmark, simply double click the bookmark you want to change and erase the previous label.
  • If you want to relocate the bookmark, simply click and drag the existing bookmark. If you want to relocate it to a completely new page you will have to delete the bookmark and create a new one on your desired page.



Removing bookmarks


To remove bookmarks, just click on the bookmark tab itself and delete. You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete the bookmark every time, simply select yes if you wish to delete, or no if you have changed your mind.






? Bookmarking with




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