UCL FinTech Member?

Get Casedo for £2.49 a month

UCL FinTech Society Members get Casedo for less than the price of coffee per month, that’s 50% off the Student License price, more than 80% off the full retail price. The license will last as long as your are studying.

Step 1 – Get your Casedo Student License

Get your discount code from the FinTech Society and click on the button below to get a Casedo Student License. Then click Subscribe and use the discount code and your student email address (ending in .ac.uk). The price will drop to £2.49 (£2.07 + VAT). You will be sent a receipt which includes the Subscription Key.

Step 2 – Download and install Casedo

For speed and security Casedo is locally installed and works effortlessly on PC or Mac. Download your preferred version below and have your Subscription Key handy the first time you run the application.

Once you’ve installed Casedo, open it up and take a look, there is a tutorial within the application which you can return to at any time, as well as a user manual in the casefile itself.

What is Casedo?

Casedo is a simple workspace that brings together all your documents, so you can easily switch between them, highlight vital information, make notes and create links between files, all on one platform. If you’re opening dozens of documents around a single topic, open them with a single click, in the order you left them, marked up so you can pick up where you left off.

Find out more HERE

“I find I am using Casedo more and more. When papers came in by pdf I always used to ask for them to be printed, but with Casedo they are more manageable in a soft format.”

Piers Harrison, Tanfield Chambers


Throughout the academic year we’ll be involved in a variety of events in conjunction with the UCL FinTech Society. We’ll announce them here and on social media. The best way to follow us is on Twitter.

LegalTech Conference – 30th November

We’re going to be running a live demonstration at this new event, you’ll also be able to drop in for a chat. More details to follow.