Alkhamware Limited (‘Alkhamware’)

Last reviewed: 8 December 2021

Next review: 8 December 2022




  1. These guidelines form a framework for transport use and subsequent claiming of transport-related expenses.
  2. In support of Alkhamware’s Environmental Policy these guidelines are intended to ensure that Alkhamware employees reduce travel and use less sustainable modes only where necessary to ensure business effectiveness or personal health and safety.



Alternatives to travel


  1. Alkhamware encourages employees, partners, associates and clients to seek alternatives to travel through using and actively promoting the use of more sustainable ways of conducting business, for example the use of tele-conferencing and video-conferencing.



Public transport


  1. Employees are encouraged to minimise car use and use public transport when undertaking Alkhamware journeys. Public transport includes journeys by train, tram, bus, taxi and ferry.





  1. To uphold Alkhamware’s Environmental Policy, Alkhamware will only reimburse employees the expenses for use of personal cars, hire cars, taxis (including tips) or motor cycles over 50cc, where a journey is necessary for the business and cannot reasonably be carried out by more sustainable means. Valid reasons for using personal cars, hire cars, taxis or motor cycles over 50cc include the following:
    • No public transport available
    • Not using car or taxi would involve disproportionate delay, discomfort and inconvenience
    • Significant time saving, e.g. able to make earlier train connection
    • Need to carry heavy or bulky equipment
    • Risk of personal danger, e.g. waiting at stations late at night
    • Childcare commitment



Pedal cycles


  1. Use of pedal cycles is encouraged as part of Alkhamware’s Environment Policy. Interest-free loans of up to £500 can be made available to Alkhamware Limited full time staff to contribute towards the purchase of pedal cycles and necessary equipment (e.g. helmet, waterproofs and panniers). Requests for such loans should be bought to an Alkhamware meeting for discussion and agreement.



Air travel


  • In line with our Environmental Policy and our commitment to cut carbon emissions, Alkhamware discourages employees from travelling by air on business.
  • Air travel will not be permitted for business journeys within mainland UK or for business journeys of less than 500km on mainland Europe. Public transport will also be encouraged for journeys which do not meet these criteria.
  • Projects requiring journeys which do not meet these criteria require the agreement of the company in advance of them being bid for or taken. A strong business case will need to be demonstrated for pursuing such projects.
  • Consideration will be given to the fuel efficiency of the airline when booking air travel and only economy class travel will be permitted.
  • The carbon emissions associated with any approved air travel will be offset via a Gold standard (or other recognised third party accreditation) carbon offsetting scheme.
  • Where feasible the costs of extra time of undertaking projects at distant locations should be carried by the client, along with the costs of using fuel efficient airlines and of carbon offsetting.