If you don’t see your files in your Table of Contents (TOC) or page numbers it might be because the Toggle Pagination Type feature has been used and your documents do not sit in folders.


Toggle Pagination Type‘ is a feature which paginates your folders separately and exclusively. When enabled, this feature does not allow pagination of any documents which are not placed under a folder.

Because of this, when no folder is created and the feature is enabled, this will result in the TOC to not ‘seeing’ any documents which are not located in a folder, and thus your TOC will be empty.

You might have enabled this feature and thus it may cause your TOC to be empty. To resolve this issue try disabling this feature.


To do this simply:

1. Open the ‘Edit’ menu on the top left hand of your casedo bundle.



2. From the menu click on ‘Toggle Pagination Type



Now simply refresh your TOC and you should be able to see your files again.

LAST UPDATED 2024.03.20