If you don’t see your page numbers and your Table of Contents is blank, it might be because you have enabled your Toggle Pagination Type feature.


Toggle Pagination Type‘ is a feature which paginates your folders separately and exclusively. When enabled, this feature does not allow you to paginate any documents which are not placed under a folder.


When ‘Toggle Pagination Type‘ is turned on, due to the technicality of the feature, if your files are not placed inside of a folder, then your files will not be paginated. Thus, even if you normal pagination is turned on, your files will appear to have no page numbers.


To disable this feature simply:


1. Open the ‘Edit’ menu on the top left hand of your casedo bundle.



2. From the menu click on ‘Toggle Pagination Type



You should now be able to see your files fully paginated.


Click HERE to learn more about ‘Toggle Pagination Type‘.

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