PLEASE NOTE (19/07/23): We are currently in the process of moving between payment providers. If you are a Casedo subscriber, you’ll be paying for Casedo in one of three ways:

1. Through Gumroad

2. Through Chargebee

3. Directly invoiced with Casedo

If you are a Chargebee subscriber, read below for instructions, and look for related Chargebee articles in our Knowledge Base. If you are a Gumroad subscriber, look for Knowledge Base articles relating to Gumroad. If you are directly invoiced via Casedo, email with questions.


When paying for Casedo through Chargebee, you will automatically be charged VAT on the subscription price. This VAT charge is applicable because Casedo uses external non-UK based services, which mandates compliance with the law regarding non-UK suppliers of digital services.

According to the law, if digital services are supplied to a consumer, the supplier must charge and account for UK VAT. This means that even if the transaction is with a US-based business like Chargebee, VAT is levied when Casedo is supplied to consumers.

However, if the customer is treated as a business and has a valid VAT number or chooses to provide other evidence, VAT should not be charged. In such cases, the business must account for VAT under the reverse charge scheme.

If you prefer to pay exVAT and account for VAT differently, you can let Chargebee know your VAT number, and they will refund you the VAT and issue an exVAT invoice.

Please note that the above information is specific to UK-based businesses, and for businesses based outside the UK, other rules may apply. For more details, you can refer to Chargebee’s documentation and their handling of Brexit impacts HERE.