What is Gumroad?

Gumroad is the e-commerce and payments platform that we use to handle payments and generate license keys for Casedo. When you click to sign up for a free trial or purchase Casedo you are taken to the Gumroad payments portal which is overlayed onto our website, so you don’t leave Casedo.com. Gumroad runs as a plugin on our website.


Gumroad handles our payments, nobody keeps a copy of your payment details (see the ‘Safe buying on Gumroad’ article linked below). We receive analytics details that do not include any card or bank details.


For more information about how Gumroad handles payments, take a look at these articles:


Why was I charged by Gumroad?

Get to know your Gumroad receipt

I need a VAT refund (For both EU and UK customers)

Safe buying on Gumroad


There is also a generalised Knowledge Base aimed at Customers of Gumroad Creators.


If you have any concerns at all about Gumroad, or the way that we handle payments, don’t hesitate to email us directly at support@casedo.com or give us a call on +44 203 637 9270.

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