PLEASE NOTE (19/07/23): We are currently in the process of moving between payment providers. If you are a Casedo subscriber, you’ll be paying for Casedo in one of three ways:

1. Through Gumroad

2. Through Chargebee

3. Directly invoiced with Casedo

If you are a Chargebee subscriber, read below for instructions, and look for related Chargebee articles in our Knowledge Base. If you are a Gumroad subscriber, look for Knowledge Base articles relating to Gumroad. If you are directly invoiced via Casedo, email with questions.


Chargebee is the e-commerce and payments platform we rely on to handle payments and generate license keys for Casedo. When you sign up for a free trial or purchase Casedo, Chargebee seamlessly manages the payment process. 

Chargebee handles our payments, nobody keeps a copy of your payment details (see the ‘Data Protection on Chargebee’ article linked below). We receive analytics details that do not include any card or bank details.

For more information about how Chargebee handles payments, take a look at these articles:

Understanding charges in Chargebee

Manage your Invoices

VAT – UK customers

VAT – EU customers

Data Protection on Chargebee


There is also a generalised Knowledge Base aimed at Chargebee Help Centre.


If you have any concerns at all about Gumroad, or the way that we handle payments, don’t hesitate to email us directly at or give us a call on +44 203 637 9270.