We have been working hard on all the features that have made Casedo the complete tool that it is today. But as you may know, we are in the early stages, and we haven’t yet developed a system where you can view your comments/links from your Index, but rest assured that this is high on our list of priorities, and we are working on it.


At the moment the best way to workaround this would be by using bookmarks to navigate your highlights, comments, and links. This is best demonstrated below:


1. You can simply add a bookmark that begins by “HIGHLIGHT” , “COMMENT”, or “LINK”.

2. If you want it to look like a sub-bookmark, you can just add “—” before your wanted title.


We understand it is not ideal, but we do take into consideration all of your feedback and suggestions and these will be logged in the system and worked on so we can improve as effectively as possible.


Follow this link for adding and removing bookmarks on Casedo.


N.B. You can also navigate your comments, links and highlights through the table of contents feature. Read HERE for more on this.

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