Undo function for moving documents

This feature is part of the Casedo v1.9 toolset, which is currently in Beta. If you’d like to try it, email us at support@casedo.com and we’ll send you out a link.


When you have accidentally dragged a document or file into the wrong place in the Index or Desk Space, you can use CTRL+Z (Windows) / CMD+Z (Mac) to take you back up to five movement actions. Therefore this is not a ubiquitous CTRL+Z (Windows) / CMD+Z (Mac) command.


Casedo saves the ‘state’ of the Casefile for the five previous movement steps, this does not include, for example, the renaming of documents or folders, or importing them.





In practise this means that if you do the following


  1. prior state
  2. move document A
  3. rename document C
  4. move document B


And use CTRL+Z (Windows) / CMD+Z (Mac) twice, Casedo will take you back two movement steps to the ‘prior state’, and thus remove the renaming of document C, as if it had never happened.


NOTE The CTRL+Z feature is an Index / Desk Space only feature designed to solve a specific problem. Namely that of users accidentally dragging a bunch of documents into the wrong place on their bundle. This feature deals with that specific problem.