Technical Difficulties

02.09.20 Casedo License Key Check issue – FIXED 09.09.20

Casedo is an offline application, no documentation or annotation loaded into or made in the application is uploaded to a server. However, in order to check that a license key is valid Casedo occasionally ‘pings’ a license key server held by our payments provider, Gumroad. If the Casedo application can’t access the online server for about two weeks, it creates an error code 605 “Offline Expired Error”.


At the moment the licensing server appears to be experiencing difficulties and Casedo cannot connect to it. This affects access to the Casedo application.


UPDATE: Our developers have discovered that the way the Gumroad API has been built to connect Casedo to the Licensing Server is no longer functioning as before. They are currently building out a solution and will have it ready for release next week.


UPDATE 08.09.20: Our developers have fixed the problem and have created a new build, v1.4.2 which we will are now releasing.


UPDATE 09.09.20: This issue is now fixed with a new version of Casedo. If you have a version older than Casedo v1.4.2 the software will not work and you need to go to downloads in order to download the latest version of the software.

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