Casedo acts like a living archive of documents. As such, Casedo files can become large. Exported bundles from Casedo can therefore also be large. Whilst this isn’t a problem in itself, there are some instances in which bundles need to adhere to certain size requirements. For example, some courts have a size limit on submitted bundles.

You can reduce the size of a Casedo file itself, by lessening the quality of imported images, for example, but this will not decrease the size significantly. What you can do, however, is reduced the size of an exported bundle using the Acrobat ‘Optimization’ feature.

You can do this by:

1. Make sure your bundle is exported as PDF. Click HERE for more on this.

2. Open the PDF in Acrobat, In the ‘Tools’ bar find ‘Optimize PDF’ and click on ‘Advanced Optimisation’ button located at the top centre of your PDF reader.

3. Make sure to get your settings right as shown in below.

4. Now simply click ‘OK’ and then the ‘Compress PDF’ button located at the top of your page.

We cannot guarantee that the above will reduce the size of the bundle to the required size, but it will make a significant difference. If not, try going back to the Casedo bundle itself and see if any images can be removed or reduced before importing into Casedo, then export the bundle and run through the above procedure again.

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