There are a surprising number of PDF formats, and whilst Casedo opens most there are a few of the rarer types that it does not. If you have a PDF that won’t import into Casedo, try the following:


The best solution is to re-process the PDF: Open it in a standard pdf viewer (not Adobe, – which can make this simple job tricky – if you are on a Mac use Preview, on a PC use Edge) and print it to PDF by sending it to print and then choosing ‘Print to PDF’ (if on Mac) or ‘Microsoft PDF’ as your printer if on Windows. This new file should work.


Why won’t Casedo import PDFs with certain bookmarks? Sometimes this happens due to a particular type of bookmark that prevents it being imported.


We’re aware of this issue, to get around it for now simply:


  1. Open the document in question in Acrobat or a PDF viewer
  2. Delete all bookmarks
  3. Import into Casedo as normal