My bundle won’t print to PDF

In Casedo, if a bundle won’t print, then this might be an external issue not particularly linked to Casedo, but rather there might be an issue with one or more of the documents in the Casedo bundle. This problematic document could stop your bundle from being exported as PDF.

To solve this:

1. Remove a document from your bundle and then try to print the remaining Casefile to PDF.

2. If the Casefile does print, then put the PDF back in the Casefile.

3. Repeat no. 1 above until you have identified which document is stopping the bundle from printing to PDF.

4. Once you have located which document is causing the issue, then delete the document within Casedo.

5. Find the original of the identified document (outside of Casedo) and ‘flatten it’(more info in this related article:

N.B. ‘Flattening’ a document cannot be undone. You may want to make a copy of your document before consulting to this procedure.

6. Import flattened PDF into bundle and print.

7. If bundle still doesn’t print, that means there is another document that is causing the issue. Repeat the steps above.

We understand this is a cumbersome process, and we are working very hard to include a pdf optimise function within Casedo itself in upcoming releases!

If you need further help with this, don't hesitate to email us at [email protected] or call us on +44 203 637 9270

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Article relevant to Casedo v1.6 and above