With Casedo you can directly import .doc, .docx, .case, .eml, .msg documents, in addition to the existing capability of importing PDFs. Therefore, documents no longer need to be converted to PDFs, so just drop the documents directly into the Desk Space, and you’re good to go. Casedo also contains an internal OCR feature (see HERE for further details), though we still strongly recommend OCRing large documents before importing them into Casedo. Read on for details!


Documents should be searchable


Though one PDF looks much the same as another to most of us, in fact they do come in a variety of formats, the main three being

  • Searchable – Searchable pdfs are what you get if you save a word document as a pdf. The text is embedded in the pdf document and can, therefore, be searched and highlighted by Casedo.
  • Non-searchable scans – A non-searchable pdf is essentially a scan of a document, a computer recognises it as an image, it’s not searchable.
  • Fillable forms – A fillable form is a searchable pdf with a whole set of additional functionality, as such it is searchable, but can cause layout problems in Casedo.

Casedo loves searchable PDFs. They can be searched and highlighted easily.


Making a pdf searchable


The easiest way to do this is by using the OCR function within Casedo. Click HERE to know more on how to OCR in Casedo

There are other alternatives to using the OCR feature in Casedo, such as one of the following (there are many alternatives on the market):


Break up large documents or bundles into smaller chunks


It’s very tempting to scan a 300-page document and import it directly into Casedo. The downside is that Casedo will only recognise it as a single document, and the Index View will reflect this. Whilst bookmarks and linking etc. will still be available, the Index will contain a single item, which can therefore not be re-ordered. The best way to break up a large document is to not scan it in one piece in the first place! If this is unavoidable, using the split and merge features in Casedo is the easiest way to separate your documents. Click HERE for more on how to split your documents.

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