If the document you import has been created with no top margin, the document title on the first page can obscure the text underneath.


Like this:

Here are a few solutions:

1. Quick but inconvenient – use the zoom feature to zoom in, revealing the information, then copy it into a Comment, before zooming back again. Or just remain in the zoomed mode. The document below has been zoomed in Casedo to 200%.

2. Quick but inconvenient – select the text under the document title, copy it, and then paste it into a new comment.

3. Quick but inconvenient (and possibly idiotic) – rotate the page in question through 90 degrees, and work with an angled document.

4. Annoying but doable – print the documents to PDF (again if necessary) with a top margin.

5. Out of your hands – ask whoever did this to not do it again.

LAST UPDATED 2024.03.22