Folder-based pagination

This type of pagination offers the user the ability to paginate two different folders separately.


It is normal practice to paginate cases separately to legislation. You might want to have two separate files. For example, you might want to have a bundle A for legislation and a bundle B for cases authorities. To do that go to the main menu, select Edit > Toggle Pagination Type’.

This takes the top-level folders and assigns them a letter, as shown below.


Everything in that folder separately gets assigned a prefix. For example, now the content in the A folder will start from A1 and the content in the B folder will start from B1. As demonstrated below.

If you no longer want that you can simply press on the ‘toggle pagination type’ and this will take it back to the original pagination style.


NB When folder-based pagination is enabled, documents that are not within a folder will NOT be paginated. This will also result in those documents in not being reflected in your Table of Contents.

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