Five steps to quickly producing a court compliant E-bundle with Casedo

1. Create a new case file and import your documents


Open Casedo and select ‘New Case File’


Hit the ‘Import Files’ button, locate the documents you want to put in your bundle, and click ‘Open’. You can select multiple documents at a time.


If you want to see how this is done, watch this 17 Second video.





2. Rename the documents and organise them into sections as desired


Review the contents of the documents, by clicking on the coloured spots on the tramlines to view them.

Ensure that the documents have the correct names and rename any that need to be renamed by double-clicking on the document name.

Add folders to divide your bundle into sections by clicking the ‘Add folder button’, naming the folder, and dragging documents to it.


Drag the documents and folders into the right order.


For more information on this, watch this 40 Second video.





3. Add pagination


Turn on pagination by clicking the pagination toggle switch.



Choose between Pagination modes: Normal or ‘A,B…’ pagination in the Edit menu.





4. Add a Table of Contents


Click the ‘Create Table of Contents’ button to create a table of contents.




Drag it to the very top of your bundle.


You can change the title ‘Table of Contents’ by double-clicking on it in the Index.



5. Export to PDF


Review your bundle if desired.


Refresh your Table of Contents if needed.



Click ‘Export to PDF’



Choose two-sided printing if desired.



Need to update the bundle?

Import the new documents and name and position them as before.


Set new document’s pagination to insert or unpaginated mode.


Refresh the Table of Contents (see above)


Click ‘Export to PDF’


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