With Casedo you can export your bundle into PDF with all bookmarks attached.


You can do this in simple 4 steps:



1. Click on the export button located at the bottom left side of your Casefile.




2. You will now get a pop-up screen with three options, one to “export all bookmarks”, the second to “export all bookmarks with page numbers” and thirdly to “export for double-sided printing”.




3. Turn the toggle switch on for the options you want to export your PDF with.



4. You will now get a screen showing “Exporting document progress”. Wait for a couple of seconds, and then press “Export”


N.B. If you decide to export your bundle into PDF and before exporting, you create a table of contents (TOC), then the TOC items will be automatically hyperlinked. Using this, you can simply click on the ToC items, and it will take you to the relevant page in the PDF. This feature makes it easier to navigate through your bundle.