Exporting a clean case

Casedo now allows you to export a clean PDF. For example, say that you annotated your casefile and need to print it or export it into a PDF but without the comments, highlights and the created links. You can easily do this by exporting your casefile as a clean case.  


You can do this in 3 simple steps:    


1. Open the File menu on the toolbar


2. Press on the “Save Clean Case As” in the File menu.


3. Then simply rename your casefile and press save



This way you will have a clean copy of your casefile, free from highlights, links and comments. You can now choose to print it out or simply have it handy!  


N.B. However, it is important to note that when exporting your current annotated casefile into a clean casefile, you might still find highlighted text in the table of contents of the new casefile. To solve this simply press ‘regenerate’ button located at the top of your table of contents folder or by right-clicking on the table of contents document in your index. This will simply refresh your table of contents to match the clear text of your casefile.