Casedo Referral Scheme

The Casedo Referral Scheme is open to Casedo Annual License holders at the discretion of the Casedo Team


The Casedo Referral scheme is based around the client relationship nature of many of our users’ work. We realise that it would not be right for users to be taking a payment from us on recommending Casedo to their clients. However, we also realised that this would not hold true in peer relationships. We’ve therefore adopted a two-pronged approach.


Users who sign up to the Referral scheme will be issued with two referral codes, each valid for use 25 times and then renewed subsequently on review. The codes can be used on special page on our website to purchase a single 12 month license at a discount.


Professional Code – this gives the purchasers 10% off and the referee £40 cashback (paid the month end of the month after the signup)


Client Code – this gives the purchasers Casedo for £75 + VAT


The referral scheme is intended to spread use of Casedo and not intended as a substitute for a company-wide roll out. If you or your place of work is looking for a multiple license and support package, please email us,


We reserve the right to rescind this offer without notice.


If you would like to join the scheme you need to be an Casedo Annual License holder. Please read and sign the Casedo Referral Scheme Terms & Conditions HERE.

Using Casedo yet? If not sign up for a free trial HERE