With Casedo, you can use different colours to highlight text on your documents and isolate key areas that you can revisit easily.


1. Select the text you want to highlight

2. Select the colour you want to highlight from the options that pop up

3. Simply click on one of the options and the text will highlight accordingly, you can then quickly find highlighted items in your documents.



You remove highlighting by

1. Clicking on the highlighted text you want to remove (you do not need to select the whole text).

2. Selecting the option on the far right of the pop up to remove the highlight.


N.B. Is it important to note that you without OCRing the PDF you won’t be able to highlight your text. This is because before your computer recognises a text as an ‘actual text’, meaning OCR’d, the software simply detects it as an image or vector objects. If you want to be able to highlight your text, then simply follow this LINK to know more about OCRing your PDF.