With Casedo you can write up your thoughts and have them appear right next to the most relevant area of your documents by adding a comment box. This is certainly supplemented by the highlighting and bookmarking function and can assist you in navigating through large files, and visiting each and every important segment when needed.


To add a comment box


1) Simply select a comment box from the bottom right-hand side of the screen and drag it anywhere onto the right side of the document (Must be dropped inside the document and not outside).



2) Insert your text inside and click anywhere outside the comment box.



3) You can then add/remove the text whenever you wish, just double click on the comment box itself and edit as necessary


To remove a comment box


1) Simply click on the comment box and select the delete option on the bottom left of the screen.



2) You will be asked to confirm if you wish to delete if you want to continue to delete then select yes and if you have changed your mind select no.


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