WEBINAR: Wednesday 21st July 12.30pm


If you’re frantically working to tie up loose ends by the 23rd July because you know the challenges of keeping focused on critical work during the following six weeks of school holidays; or worse still you have all this AND you are still working from home… join Ross for a masterclass on how he’s going to be able to jump in and out of focused worktime with Casedo, whilst dealing with everything else that the summer break brings with it.


With a single click, ALL of the work on a single matter or project is as you left it, no stray documents left on an office computer and no scrolling endlessly through tabs.


Just a simple workspace for all your documents organised as you understand them. Dive straight in where you left off, cutting out time spent getting you head, and files, in the right place, leaving you more time to get your work done and so more time to do whatever it is that really matters to you over the, fingers crossed, long hot summer.



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