Casedo is absolutely delighted to announce Casebank, a free legal resource of marked-up Casefiles for UK Law Students. In its early stages, Casebank is designed to both help law students publish online and to help others with marked-up casefiles of the law they will study whilst at university.  


Law Students study a very similar set of cases as part of their studies, wherever they study nationwide. Each Casebank case published provides a webpage including Headnote, Appellate History, references to further cases and a download link to download the marked-up Casedo Casefile. For an example, click HERE. 

Those familiar with Casedo will know that it’s a document workspace designed by lawyers for teasing out the common threads of a case. With Casebank, the user is supplied with a pre-organised case that is broken down into its constituent parts, including the key findings of fact and the issues of the case. With this a user has a pre-setup workspace in which they can hit the ground running on the case, mark it up further and / or import more documents. 

For this process to work, it needs to produce trustworthy content. To this end, current law students choose a case from a defined list that has not yet been submitted to Casebank, they then mark it up according to an agreed rubric. The marked-up file is then shared for review with a legal graduate for comments and finally reviewed by a legal professional. Once published, the name of both the submitter (Casebank Research Associate) and the reviewer (Casebank Reviewer) are published. 


“It’s early days for Casebank, but I’m thrilled it’s now up and running.  We’ve had such a positive response from many of our (Casedo) users who’ve readily volunteered to help to review the cases submitted to the website that it has given us confidence that Casebank has a strong future as a free resource for law students.” 

Jim Hitch, CEO, Casedo