In my rather unconventional journey from video editing to law, I realised something was missing and something else was – unfortunately – there in abundance.


On my first day within the law faculty, I was presented with one of my least favourite things in the world – paper. Lots of it. I’ve always hated it and here it was literally weighing me down. We were given bags to help us get it all home. People were hiring taxis. And then, following me with every assignment, essay and exam set: more paper.

In my video editing practice, I was used to processing terabytes and terabytes of data quickly, simply, and efficiently with a variety of tools that allowed me to optimise my time. I knew there had to be a better way of working and was determined to find it.

Putting together my needs as a lawyer and my experience of comparable software as a video editor, I designed Casedo. After a few fruitful conversations with friends, peers, business gurus and successful requests for funding, the journey began.

However, one key element was missing from my C.V. – I am not a software developer in any way shape or form. I needed to bring in an experienced team to realise the vision. Fortunately, I found a great development partner who understood what I needed and brought Casedo to life.

Outsourcing has been key to freeing up my time and allowing me to focus on where I can perform best. To focus on developing the software as I continue to be the guinea pig for all iterations of Casedo and remain the product insight and development guru. I do that all whilst managing my day job as a barrister at Old Square Tax Chambers.

Now, if I get a dreaded paper bundle delivered – I have an action plan. I can scan it, import it into Casedo, rearrange the papers to make them work for me and create my case much more efficiently. When I receive a jumble of documents by email – which is more common now, fortunately – the process is even quicker. This technology-led approach allows me to assist more clients, be greener and ultimately improve my work-life balance.

Ross Birbeck


**Updated September 1, 2022**