UCL Law Student Louis Stripp shares how he uses Casedo to grasp an overall understanding of different topics.
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‌Before Casedo, I had handouts, cases, articles and statutes all in separate documents and located in different files. This made writing essays particularly hard, as having a streamlined train of thought was difficult to achieve when the relevant documents on a particular area of law were so scattered.


‌As a law student, using Casedo has made understanding the law a much easier task. Having a number of documents within one continuous file has allowed me to gain a holistic understanding of different topics. The ability to access all relevant information in one file has made legal research, essay writing and general comprehension much more efficient, as I am able to see all of the necessary information in front of me at once.

‌The split screen function is a particular favourite. Being able to examine and compare two documents at once has improved my legal research and critical analysis, and has allowed me to identify similarities and anomalies I would likely have missed if the documents had been on separate windows.

I would absolutely recommend Casedo to a student. It has allowed me to better understand the law, something which can be incredibly difficult. It allows for a holistic view of a topic, thereby ensuring you have an informed and clear perspective of the law you are trying to analyse. This makes life much easier.

Louis Stripp graduated in law at UCL June 2022. He is a future trainee solicitor at Allen & Overy. 


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LAST UPDATED 2023.03.13